Hannah van den Elzen (she/her, 1999) is a speculative designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Fascinated by the longly existing nature/nurture debate, she uses mixed media to question modern standards and motivates her public to re-define systematic norms.

Hannah van den Elzen her works lure and confront, and it is up to the viewer to search for the hidden message.

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(V)ROMANCE (2021)

The (V)ROMANCE is a immersive experience which is meant to stimulate your romantic neurotransmitters. The (V)ROMANCE interacts with the one and only body part where ‘love’ finds itself: your heart.

With the help of this speculative design, van den Elzen wants to start a dialogue about the current way Gen Z’s consume romantic love and how modern trends might evolve further in a (dystopic) future scenario.

Are you ready to meet your disembodied ‘soulmate’?