Why settle for reality when you can make everything beautiful? 

Why settle for reality when you can make everything beautiful? starts a conversation about the manufacturability of a thing so uncontrollable: romantic love. What if a technological simulator is able to satisfy us with our romantic needs? What if we don’t need another human being to experience romantic love in the future?

The speculative and intimate installation created, serves as a conversation starter. It aims to explore how colours, sounds and interaction can manipulate romantic feelings. How romantic love might be completely disembodied in the future.

The colours and sounds presented are an example of how disembodied romance might take shape. The transhumanistic and visual speculation is at its early stage of development and therefore calls for you. Are you a neuroscientist, colour expert or experience designer? Do you want to explore how sensory triggers can interact with romantic emotions in the human brain? Contact me here.

— 2021