1999, ‘s Hertogenbosch 

Hannah van den Elzen is a speculative designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

Fascinated by the longly existing nature/nurture debate, she uses mixed media to question modern standards and motivates her public to re-define systematic norms. 

Hannah van den Elzen her works lure and confront, and it is up to the viewer to search for the hidden message.


2020/21        Minor Visual Culture, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam, NL 
2020              BA Graphic Design, UAL Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK 
2017/21          BA Transformation Design, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam, NL 


2021               Graduation Show, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam, NL 
2021               TransformAction, Gallery 3 By You, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL 
2021               International Poetry Festival, Art Rotterdam, NL 
2019/20        Body Control: Jewellery and fashion at the boundaries of the human body, Museum Arnhem, NL
2017               Beyond DaDa and the Stijl, Museum DR888, Drachten, NL 


2021               Publieke Werken Rotterdam, July 
2021               International Poetry festival, NRC Handelsblad, June 
2021               Ruins, an archive of imaginary artefacts, March


Stadsdelen Rotterdam, NL 
Scandinavian Art Design, SE 

Hannah van den Elzen photographed by Bas Czerwinski at Garage Rotterdam (2022)